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RC Helicopter news

Business trip to India - Sonntag, 06. Dezember 2015

Since March 2015 I am working in a new software development project. The software is being developed by an Indian company and then compiled and put together in Germany withmany other modules into a new infotainment system for the automotive industry. Some ten years ago I already wotked together...more...

Pterosaurs over Fanø - Freitag, 01. September 2006

Some years ago, my friend Robert and I built the Pterosaur kite of George Peters from America. This kite resembles a flying dinosaur from the stone age and looks fantastic in flight. We had seen this kite for the first time (guess where?) during International Kite Festival 1995 on Fanø in reality....more...

The famous Schlueter Cobra - Montag, 01. Mai 2006

Whoever is interested in remote controlled model helicopters and also just a little bit in the history of this fascinating hobby, will stumble across the name Schlueter. Usually there are two things which you will find: 1. The so-called bible for model helicopter pilots and 2. The first working...more...

Drillingblock - Montag, 01. Mai 2006

During the development of my Piasecki mechanics I had faced the following problem: I needed to drill several holes in hardened main rotor shafts. For the first shafts I had asked a friend who owns a CNC machine. But as I needed more shafts and more holes, I asked my friend to prepare a special tool.more...

Windbow kite - Samstag, 29. April 2006

As you might know, we are regularly visiting the Fan? International Kitemakers Meeting in June in Danmark. I had seen a windbow several times before in magazines and I knew that George Peters had published a plan of it in Kitelines. But it was only until we met with Charmayne and Bob at Fan? 1996...more...

Soldered lattice fuse - Sonntag, 23. April 2006

On the weekend I began to manufacture a soldered lattice fuse for my new helicopter project: the Flettner hummingbird helicopter. This helicopter was developed in the course of the last years of the Second World War and is noticeable by the two, intersecting rotors. The fuse was built, like many...more...

Gecko Kite - Samstag, 15. April 2006

In 1994 we spent two weeks of vacation with the entire family and our friends, the Eings family, on Fan?. One of the reasons for selecting Fan? and this particular time of the year was the International Kite Festival. I knew the festival already from the last year, when I met my Nordic friends for...more...

Stabio heli funfly 2005 - Samstag, 15. April 2006

I have just come back from the annual experimental and tandem helicopter funfly in Stabio, Switzerland. Stabio is in the Italian speaking, southern part of Switzerland, (obviously) near the Italian border. You can find reports on previous Stabio meeting also in older issues of MHW. Unfortunately...more...

Harrys CH-53 - Freitag, 07. April 2006

My friend Harald Endisch has built a very nice model of the large transportation helicopter CH-53. On October 20th 2003 Harry brought his CH to our flying field to check some settings. I was very lucky because I had incidentally my digital camera with me and I could take several pictures of this...more...

My favourite helicopter: 3DNT - Sonntag, 12. März 2006

The helicopter ThreeDee NT (short form: 3DNT) is definetely my favourite helicopter when it comes to flying these days. Although I am pretty sure, that for a very long time I will not be able to reach the limits of this fantastic helicopter, going to the flying field and let the helicopter fly is a...more...

My most wonderful 40th birthday - Donnerstag, 09. März 2006

On March 9th 2003 I became 40th years old; this is a problem for many other elderly men of my age - but not for me. In the part of Germany where I live, man only become wise at this specific age...more...